Asking the right questions

In morning meditation, I had a great question poked at me!  Spending moments in thought of my own emotions and challenges within certain relationships in my life, I stumbled across a good poking with a great question…”why is it that you tell yourself, that as a soul before you returned to this life, when you existed only as pure love in consciousness that; you chose your current family to be of most benefit to you in this lifetime for your own growth and vibrational change?

so…as you can imagine, I had more questions and then understanding washed over me. Wow!

All this time I had been telling myself that my families purpose in my spiritual evolution was to guide me towards enlightenment! In fact – it is my souls purpose to assist in “leading them.” What a wheel of fortune spark that turned out to be.Suddenly a belief 180’d itself! This conversation became really powerful and valuable in a moment. I considered it for a bit. In pure consciousness a soul would only ever choose to give, not receive, so it seemed a fair truth that as a soul I chose my family as my masters. I chose this group of souls to be of service to them, so that I could in some way benefit the souls growth within them in this lifetime, not for mine. Wow!

Later in the day driving in the car, I noticed the ego hopping around uncomfortable with being such a power to someone else and their path. I had always considered that the path was a lone path, that we were all each others teachers and we are all students in life, we learn at different rates and we understand on different levels but we all grow as an individual! Nope, not now, I see this path in such a new light, still shaky on the absolutes of anything but love, but I am keen to work with this new information to see where it takes me.

I guess it will take me to each and every relationship I have. If I am strong and brave I will continue to ask myself how can I be of better service to you!


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