chasing passion

I always find myself lost in thought everyday, connecting to different things that I am passionate about. I day dream so much that I forget what’s real and what’s not some days!   We all have this connection to something that shakes us in a great way that makes us excited about living. Something we enjoy doing so much that it effects everything inside and outside of us. 

I think it starts from a very young age, we try something and just connect with it and before we know it we get so involved and inspired that we try one thing after the next until we have a pocket full of passions. I think we grow to love a few things more than others and move through life with more grace and balance because of these things that light us up. We experience something significant daily and our mind/body/soul feels nurtured.

So what happens when life is experienced without this balance?  I think that we starve ourselves at times of what can potentially be the most important emotion of life, the love and passion that we put into something can be lost if we don’t make time for it. We don’t ever lose it, we just forget how great it really feels.

If your reading this, I hope that you are dedicating time to your passions. Time to do the things that keep you smiling and nurture you fully. If you are not, then I hope you take 5 minutes to consider what it would take for you to make it happen. Then do it!


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