on being you and mindful parkour!

I think we are all born with greatness. I think we all have something of value, something special we can share with the world. I think that everyday brings a new opportunity for us to share ourselves with others, to contribute in a meaningful way.

I honestly believe this. I think that we forget our great bits because we are told in so many ways not to pay attention to them. We are shamed by the threat of pride and ego, we are criticized by others, we are trapped by fear as we move forward in an attempt to be true to our own values. As we move forward in hope and excitement we find words and actions outside of our own that impact on us so much that we stagnate, that we buy into another persons values and beliefs even if they contradict our own. I read and hear a lot that we stumble on our path towards our own success because of the fear of it (success I mean). I agree with this, but I wonder what we would do if judgement and shame vanished. If somehow the universe deleted the existence of judgement and shame. If it were not at all possible for any of us to feel these two things, would we fear success? I don’t think so!

So I guess then, if we look at the meanings that we give judgement and shame individually. We can decide what is most important to us, trapping our life’s success and happiness because of a desire for acceptance? I guess it goes much deeper than that, but the point I am moving towards is about you and your life. Your greatness and your success. I can tell you that you are successful without even knowing you. You can read. You might not value reading as successful, that’s a choice you make. As we grow, we learn so many things along the way that are imperative to a functional life. As we learn valuable techniques and skills we make a choice about how meaningful and valuable that act is or that accomplishment was. Over time we have so many talents and skills and abilities that we have developed. I don’t know why we overlook how precious words are, how special music is or how valuable listening can be. We have ability in bulk! we are walking talking talent and many of us might never know it.

As a child when we find a gift that comes easily to us, a talent that excites us and drops jaws. Usually, we are applauded, we are paraded and hugged and valued and adored, we are a showpiece. As an adult if we stand with the same pride and share the same talent with the world we are not in the same energy of acceptance. It becomes scary and the value of another’s opinion often wages heavily on the continuation or the expansion of this greatness. I hope I am making sense here. What I am trying to say is that we all have something we love doing and the reason we love doing it is because of the way it makes us feel, in most cases we are good at it, we have an ability within us to produce something that inspires an emotion within that creates this overwhelming sense of value. That we have contributed to life because we have created something. At this point it is very common for us to want to share this emotion, this feeling this experience with the people that we care for most. We are drawn to share in hope that our own creation or idea can be of value to another. It is often then that the  influence of acceptance impacts on the growth of this talent or the path of your dream. It seems that we can rely so heavily on others opinion that we will allow it a power to build mountains. These mountains get in our way, they stand between us and a path that is already ours.

Are you brave enough to be you? are you being true to your values? are you supporting your dreams? or are you hiding from you? are you listening to shame or judgement?  are you telling yourself a story about who you are that is just not true?   There is no value in finger pointing in blame or excuse. There is Greatness and immeasurable value in being you!

 So at this point your wondering what Parkour has to do with anything in this post. I use something which I call mindful parkour! I love watching Parkour, just in case you have never seen it or are unsure of what I am talking about, parkour is a discipline  that developed out of military obstacle training. …it is also known as “free running”!  It’s origin comes from the Latin word percurrere , which means to run through!  Of course I am not suggesting that you rush through your life bounding through obstacles of your mind. I think that our obstacles are a reminder of humility and I value humility, I just think that it feels good to share something that works. I think if one person finds this post valuable then it is and I do already! so it is. Mindful parkour is my way of seeing the mountains and running through them, because they are only mountains of the mind they become transcendent as soon as you allow them to be! It’s a fast way through the fear, its efficient and its a great tool for a great you!

The Miriam-Webster dictionary defines Parkour as ; the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing, or leaping rapidly and efficiently. 

I hope that this post has tapped a part of you to choose your own values consistently, to be true to you and to understand what does and doesn’t service you well as a belief or value, to be mindful of mountains and understand your ability to apply the parkour principle! To nurture and develop your greatness!


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