what you’ll see if you look


Being behind the lense of a camera helps to show the world to others as you see it through your own eyes.  Everyday I get to see more than most through eyes that engage with the fine details of my surroundings. I can’t decide if  over the years, I have trained my eyes through the camera lense or if my heart has engaged them in gratitude. I tend to get so caught up in the colours and shapes and lines that are everywhere that I float from one pretty picture to the next. I think my dad played a huge part in this appreciation, because for as long back as I can remember he would point out the light through the clouds, the colours in the trees or in the hills, the hue changes the shadow casting, he would see it and share it like it was something so valuable and treasured to him.

Imagine a world where you see the beauty in shapes and lines, in colour and texture, where the most simple and maybe even basic of everyday items become a piece of art through your own eyes. It might sound like I am exaggerating because your probably wondering how your morning breakfast cereal and milk carton becomes art. Easily if you look! If you really pay attention to the lines in the shape and the colours on an angle, see the texture behind the box, beside it, and around it. Imagine the change that would create in your life, if just for one hour in your day each day, you engaged your sight to work for you so that you felt awe and inspiration from one pretty picture to the next. Maybe for you it would be about strength of texture, maybe you would like to see pictures of power and courage or persistence and virtue. It’s amazing the things that you will see if you really look. If you take the time to engage your eyes and mind, to segment pieces of what you see you could experience your very own moments of perfect visual pleasure.

How many times have you seen an image that just took your breath away? an image that you loved so much that it inspired you to feel grateful for your sight? How many times have you experienced this through your own eyes? I am guessing those that travel the world would know exactly what I am talking about, it would probably be something experienced travellers live with daily, perhaps that is one of the reasons that people become so addicted to travelling once they start. How cool would it be though, if instead of being wowed by a photographic image, you got the same pleasure just with your own eyes because you decided to pay attention to how beautiful your surroundings really are.

I have this wish for everybody. I wish that everybody could experience a day of full visual engagement, where colour captivates them, texture excites them and everything that they take the time to look at brings them joy.

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…”if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.”

Frank Lloyd Wright




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