words to the new management

When you raised your hand and pledged your truth,when you signed your name to seal their fate, when you planned your path, when you joined that club, did you know?

Did you know your role, did you understand? did you comprehend that you hold in your hands, the lives of people!

People that will bleed from their veins your choices, that will ache from the heart your choices, that will despair from your actions, that will cry through the night, that will release their gift of life.

You signed in, you showed up and now these people need you. They need you to lead, to believe, to champion in grace to support and recover them. To empower their lives, to show them the light.

Where is your focus and who are you? Where are your people? Who are your people and why are they your people?

For now, we will watch as you push our starving into the streets, while you toast to your power. We will add hours to our days to cover your choices, while you sleep into the night you have stolen from so many of your people. They will toss and turn while you dream, they will cry and bleed suffering,  fall to their knees as you adjust your tie to return to your role as their leader.



don’t forget this!


I ran my fingers across his skin, took a deep breath and exhaled. Butterflies, in my head, my stomach, my mouth. Skin to skin I am captivated. I am completely of warm rushing energy that will always feel like this when he holds me. Note to self, don’t forget this.